SEO 101: Link Building Strategies That You Can Utilize for Your Website

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of generating organic traffic into a website. Traffic building attributes to the usage of keywords, collaboration with search engines, good old fashion marketing, and link building strategies. These are the building blocks of SEO that derive quantity and quality website traffic to your brand at a zero cost. 

Below are link-building strategies essential to your website. These strategies should establish expertise, authority, and trust of the consumer in your website that will eventually lead to a sale, good reputation, and patronage.

Internal link building strategies

In improving search engine rankings for your website, a traditional and proven method is internal link building. These are strategies that utilize creating inbound links to your content. In this way, your website can achieve higher SEO. There are three ways:

  • Anchor text. An anchor text is keywords and phrases that talk about your content or product. Search engines utilize anchor text to rank searches of possible buyers and clients. For instance, someone would link to a website for Love Lulu Candles with the text “pure soy artisanal candles”, this can help boost ranking for that keyword phrase, unlike “soy candles”. The former text would reap the benefits of higher ranks due to its on-point, direct, and specific keywords qualities.
  • Good quality linking page. The page links to your website must be of superior quality. Search engines place higher rankings on trustworthy pages, with authority, and not at all spammy.
  • Landing page. The landing page must be the home page. In this way, the equity of the page is unquestionable.

External link building strategies

External link-building strategies are the process of linking external websites to your content or page. There are three effective ways:

  • Tagging and reviews. Mentions of your products and services by bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers is the up-to-date way of advertising through link building. Ride on their massive social media following to get your products to your potential customers.
  •  Help from partners and friends. Linking your website to other relevant sites and pages can help build your product to reach your specific market. The likelihood is higher if it’s the same niche or industry. For example, if a wax company links your Love Lulu Candles home page to their site, this can surely increase the traffic of quality site visitors to your page that are into candles.
  • Content creation. Good old-fashion promotion with distinct, eye-catching, and high-quality content can create a buzz through word of mouth. A TikTok of candle-making can be referenced and linked to your Love Lulu Candle home page.

Internal SEO link building wireframe

It seems a mouthful but very easy. Create this wireframe by mapping out phrases and keywords on an excel sheet and designate a page from your website where each keyword will be linked in. In this way, writers can strategize their content vis-à-vis the landing page. 

Your site search

The website search engine is a perfect example of making your page work for you. In using your site search engine, keywords from your page can be linked to new content. For example, a video of bespoke candle-making can be linked to your online shop. Your search engine should generate search results relating to the video and online shop through keywords. 

Link-building strategies are essential to the SEO of your website. With an in-depth understanding of customer’s online search behaviors, such as terms, phrases, and the content links they are consuming, you can easily translate that into the purchase of goods, services, and solutions that your brand is offering. Visibility and relevance achievement is the end goal of strategic and intelligent link building.