Reasons Why You Must Move To Dubai

Start searching for villas for sale in Dubai if you want to live the best life. With more than 70% of its young, professional population born abroad, Dubai is an expat haven with everything you need for a profitable, safe, and enjoyable time abroad. Thousands of immigrants are currently enjoying the city’s great weather, wonderful lifestyle, and exciting job opportunities. If you’re thinking about living and working in the UAE, here are the top reasons to relocate to Dubai before thinking about overseas removals to Dubai.

Lifestyle And Leisure

Dubai is a city with limitless recreational opportunities, from camping under the stars in the desert to skiing on 22,500 square meters of indoor slopes. The city’s shopping malls are well-known around the country. Not only do the two biggest malls have a dizzying array of stores, but they also have hundreds of restaurants ranging from fast-food joints and coffee shops to glitzy fine dining establishments. There are even cinemas and ice skating rinks to keep you entertained and away from the scorching Sun.


Dubai is a sun-paradise, lover’s with year-round sunshine and temperatures rarely falling below 22 ° c. You can sit in the sun at the park or on the beach wherever you like from September to May. Every year, Dubai has an average of 342 sunny days, so you can plan a BBQ or picnic without fearing the weather. Western expats would undoubtedly notice a significant improvement in the weather.

When the weather becomes too hot, you can go to one of Dubai’s many indoor amenities for food, entertainment, and, of course, shopping. Alternatively, why not take advantage of your generous vacation allowance, which is normally around 30 days per year, and travel to cooler climes? Compared to the UK’s erratic weather, this has to be one of the top reasons to relocate to Dubai.

Strong Economy

Dubai’s growth may not be as rapid as it was at the turn of the century, but it is still thriving at a steady, sustainable rate. The Emirati Dirham (AED), Dubai’s currency, has stayed stable and strong, especially when compared to the US Dollar or Euro. This, coupled with an annual GDP growth rate of around 5%, makes Dubai one of the world’s most financially stable spots.

Life Without Taxes

Most expats are drawn to the UAE by an attractive career opportunity, especially the prospect of earning a little more money. For many people, one of the top reasons to relocate to Dubai is that a tax-free paycheck means more money in their pockets.

This will help you increase your savings, indulge in a few small luxuries, or even take a vacation or two. Because there is no VAT to pay for goods or food, you may find yourself spending too little if you can avoid designer boutiques. Most expats will agree that one of the top reasons to relocate to Dubai is the monetary benefit.

Reliable Heath, Education and Transportation

Massive government investment has guaranteed that Dubai’s infrastructure is among the most modern and dependable in the world. Healthcare and education levels rival any in the country, making it one of the top reasons to relocate to Dubai with a family. There are many outstanding private international schools where children can continue to study British or American curriculums.

Healthcare is of very high quality. While you will most likely need to obtain private medical insurance, you can be confident that you will receive the best possible care in excellent facilities operated by highly trained physicians and nurses. Although private healthcare and education can be expensive, some companies can include school fees and medical insurance in your compensation package.

Dubai’s new metro system has seen significant investment and is now a contemporary, rapid, clean, and dependable alternative to driving. Planners are even taking advantage of Dubai’s natural advantages, such as solar power, to minimise the city’s carbon footprint.

Affordable Luxury

Dubai is renowned for its high-end boutique stores, luxurious restaurants, and seven-star hotels. If you like blowing your money on the best meals, clothing, and entertainment money can buy, this luxurious city has it all at the swipe of a credit card. However, if you believe Dubai is only for the ultra-wealthy, think again.

These are some of the reasons why you must move to Dubai. Speed up your search for District one villas for sale in Dubai now!