The popularity of diverse sports, like soccer, hockey, basketball and baseball is known to all. While most people engage in these sports as a hobby, there are selected few who are able to make it their profession. Menos Hiras mentions that becoming a professional athlete would be among the most rewarding and exciting profession one may have. It allows people to truly turn their passion into their career, and leave a mark on the minds of several others. Renowned sportsmen enjoy an incredible popularity, and people cherish their legacies long after their retirement as well.

Menos Hiras underlines a few points that can help them to progress towards the path of being a professional athlete. A professional athlete is not only a person who plays a certain sport at a professional level, but also has an understanding of the prime principles of athletic training. Menos Hiras says that the end-goal of becoming a professional does sound extremely exciting, but to reach their, a person has to put in a lot of hard work and dedication. They must have a high commitment level and progress as per the teachings of their coach. The aim of an aspiring athlete should always be to try and improve their performance. It is their lifestyle choices, commitments, personal desire, luck, economic and social background that determines how much successful an aspiring athlete can be in their endeavor.

Here are a few factors an aspiring athlete should keep in mind according to Menos Hiras, in order to successfully progress towards their goal:

  • Keep a training log: If an aspiring professional athlete hopes to improve their performance and maintain meaningful communication with their coach, then they must keep a detailed training log. This log should provide concise, clear, and accurate information about their daily training.
  • Read and absorb: Seeking information and guidance is among the most vital aspects of improving in any sport. However, one should make sure that they are only referring to authentic, reliable sources for further knowledge.
  • Maintain discipline: This is among the most important, but difficult aspects of training to be a sportsperson. It often is very enticing to break off from daily, rigorous routine. But so should not be done. People must be dedicated to following their routine and put all their passion into their game. However, this also does not mean that athletes must over-exhaust themselves,. Very often do athletes herd up for the group session, complaining of exhaustion, and then proceed to annihilate each other even though a light recovery ride would have been more beneficial. It is important to maintain a proper discipline, and know how much effort to put in at a time.
  • Find Balance: Having proper balance is important for continued, long term athletic progress. Right from the day a person declares their intention to become a professional athlete; they need to take steps to learn how to balance their act.

Keeping the points mentioned above in mind can significantly help any aspiring athlete in their journey.