With the evolution of the modern day marketplace, a number of new job roles have cropped up, especially in the technology and creative fields. Joe Cianciotto mentions that the role of a creative director is one of them. Such a position is found in several industries, fashion, entertainment, media, film, music, and graphic design being some of the most common ones. He mentions that software development and web development at times have a creative director as well. While these individuals have a number of important duties, their core responsibility is to determine the creative vision of a brand and manifest it through distinguished mediums.

Joe Cianciotto discusses a few duties of a creative director

The role of a creative director is immensely important in almost all industries related to arts and entertainment. Joe Cianciotto mentions that at times their role may even be seen as another element of the product development process. Joe himself is a creative director and hence has a good knowledge of this job role. He mentions that the responsibilities of such processionals are largely multi-faceted and can include the elements of communication and creative design. Such professionals often have to guide a team of employees having experience and skills related to the domain of motion graphics, graphic design, fine arts, and so on.

Among many other things, a creative director needs to work towards maintaining the cohesive feel and look of a project, no matter whether it is an advertising campaign or interactive motion design. While specifics of their duties may vary as per distinguished companies and industries, their ability to lead and inspire others is a vital aspect of the role of all creative directors. In addition to taking care of various creative responsibilities, they usually are the ones establishing budget and timelines, as well as managing client relationships for various projects. Joe Cianciotto mentions that in the majority of the cases, the job role of a creative director tends to include:

  • Determining the ways to turn ideas and messages into attractive visuals.
  • Selecting and approving photographs, artwork, graphics, and designs for a project or campaign.
  • Creating and executing designs as per the relevant product or campaign style guide
  • Meeting with the clients or the marketing and advertising departments, and creating designs as per their requirements.
  • Presenting work to clients and making any necessary changes in the project as per their feedback.
  • Managing, motivating, and leading a team of graphic designers, web designers, and other creative professionals.

There are numerous skills and qualities one needs to be a good creative director, leadership and creativity being two of the major ones. Such professionals must be capable enough to manage and instruct a team of creative professionals and oversee their work through all stages.  As creativity is the heart and soul of their job, creative directors must have innovative ideas and the ability to imaginatively visualize a design or a campaign.  They should be able to give an interesting angle to any concept or idea.