Collection Agency Strategy – Do not Talk To Collection Agencies


A recently available on-line report quoted a California debt collection agency as saying, “Our task is helping businesses locate the people who could spend. The work of ours isn’t to go after individuals who cannot pay.”

Nevertheless, we know that, because the most part, this is hooey. Debt collection agencies just are paid whenever they get cash out of people.

So they’re very motivated to do anything for getting the money of yours – still in case it causes you serious hardship, embarrassment, stress, and despair.

The biggest problem is the fact that being not able to pay the bills of yours today is today causing you embarrassment and stress.

The agency in that post even said, “Our task is usually to take a seat and figure out an answer. We are attempting to avoid “repeat performers” so an individual has an opportunity to start over.”

The reality About Collection Agencies

This statement causes it to be very clear that they already look at you as somebody who does not pay the bills of theirs. They look at you as somebody who will not pay the bills of yours. So that they see the job of theirs as doing anything to pry that cash out of you.

This completely ignores the point that many people want to look after the obligations of theirs. Many people wish to do the proper thing.

But if you have lost the job of yours and times are very hard, whatever money you’ve has going to food and an area to live.

That is where it ought to go.

The issue With Speaking with Collection Agencies

The problem, obviously, is whenever you answer the cell phone and learn a collection company on the line. You feel obliged to speak to them. It opens the door for them to pressure you. Hard!

Simply because you are honest, you’re feeling bad about not being capable paying the bill. So you feel obliged to spend a minimum of a bit of something – even when that causes you a lot more hardship. And also you always keep hoping things are going to turn around soon that will enable you to care for the obligation of yours.